Discount Coupons

Coupons Discount

Offer discounts through simple Coupons. Useful while marketing / promotion.

Creating coupons


Go to Axisubs > Apps and find app named Coupons app for Axisubs. Click Enable and Disable to activate/deactivate the Coupons app. By default, the app will be enabled.


Click on Open and click Manage Coupons button.


Now click on New button to create new coupon.


You will have to fill all the below basic fields in order to create coupon.

Fill all the basic fields and click save. Refer the below image

  1. Coupon Name - Name of the coupon you wish to offer
  2. Coupon Code - Unique code assigned to the coupon for the customers to make use of the coupon
  3. Plan - Select the plan to which the coupon should be applied.
  4. Status - Set this to 'Yes' to make the coupon available to customers
  5. Value Type - Value of the coupon is fixed amount or a specific percentage of the order value
  6. Value - Value of the coupon
  7. Valid from and Valid to - Set the coupon validation here. Choose the dates between which the coupon is valid.