Invoice app helps customers to view and print invoice of their order subscription on his profile page.

You can create a invoice template with your own design. You can add a company address, logo, and some additional information in the invoice. You can also show various order information by adding the short tags. The tags will be replaced with relevant information from the order table.

How to create invoice templates

  1. Before start creating invoice templates, check if Invoice app is enabled. Go to Axis Subscriptions > Apps and check. If it is not enabled, click Enable on Invoice app.

  2. If it is enabled, click on Open to create new invoice template.

  3. Click on Manage Invoice Template.

  4. Click New Template

  5. Enter the name for your invoice template in the text named "Label"

  6. Enter your own invoice content in the text editor. You can also use the number of shortcodes available at the right side of the page. These short tags are used to display the dynamic content like subscription information and subscriber information.

  7. Use the toggle editor to place the html tags and to style your invoice template.

  8. Set status to published and choose Yes to Default and save the template.

  9. Now from frontend, go to Axis Subscriptions profile page > Subscription tab > Click on View details button and click on Invoice button. The popup window will show you the invoice with print button on top of the modal popup.