Quickstart guide

Following are the step-by-step instructions for getting started with Axis Subscriptions Management system.

Step 1 Installation

In your Joomla control panel top menu, go to Extensions -> Manage -> install , as illustrated below

Installation 1

When you click here, you will be directed to the screen where you can select the downloaded/purchased package. See the image below:

Installation 2

As illustrated, select the package file and click 'Upload and Install'.

Installation 3

Axis Subscriptions is now installed and you will get this success message, as illustrated below.

Installation 4

Step 2 Setup Currencies

  1. Go to Axisubs > Setup > Currencies
  2. Click the New button to start the currency creation process.
  3. Enter all the required fields such as currency title, currency code, currency symbol, symbol position, Decimal places, Decimal separator, Thousands separator, Value, Status as like in the image below.

Add/Edit Currency

Step 3 Configuration

Go to Axisubs > Setup > Configuration where you will have to configure your business location details and currency / Tax settings.


Please fill all the fields with your valid Address, zip code, country and zone.

Store Configuration

Currency and Tax

Here you will have to choose your default (primary) currency and setup the Tax configuration if you need.

Step 4 Create subscription plans

Go to Axisubs > Plans and click NEW button to create new plan where you can see two tabs Plan settings and Joomla User group which are explained below.

Plan Settings

There are 3 segments in the plans.They are,

  • Basic - Please fill the fields plan name, alias, description, status.
  • Period- Enter your subscription period and price
  • Trial - Enter the trial period and trial start condition.

Joomla User groups

Axis Susbcriptions allows you to adds users to Joomla! user groups when their subscription is enabled and removes them from Joomla! user groups when their subscription is disabled.

When creating or editing plans, you can see two tabs Plan Settings and Joomla User groups

Click on tab Joomla User groups and you can see two following parameters,

  1. Add to Joomla! user groups - Users will be added to the Joomla! user group selected here (for example, subscribers) when their subscription to this level is enabled.
  2. Remove from Joomla! user groups - Users will be removed from the Joomla! user group selected here when their subscription to this level is disabled.

  3. Select the user group and save.

Display Plan in frontend

Once you created the plan, you can display it via menu. Go to menu manager and create menu with either Axisubs > Plan or Axisubs > Plans.

After choosing the menu item type, click the 'save' button. Once saved, go to Options tab and select the plan you have created and click save and close button.

A menu item will be created in the front end with the corresponding plan or plans in it.

Subscribe for a plan

Checkout process

Payment process

Subscription details