With Axis subscription management system, you can create 5 types of plan such as Free, Non-recurring, Non-recurring with trial, Recurring, Recurring with trial. Types of plans are explained below,

Free: When you choose plan type free, the price section will be hidden since the plan is supposed to be free there should be no price.

Non-recurring: If you choose non-recurring plan type, the subscriber cannot auto renewal his subscription plan. Subscriber will have to subscribe for the plan next time.

Non-recurring with trial: With this plan type, you can offer the trial period for the plan. To do this, you can define the trial period duration. Once the trial period completed, the subscription plan will be activated.

Recurring: It is nothing but auto-renewal. If you choose non-recurring plan type, the subscriber can auto renewal his subscription plan. You can define the number of auto renewal for this plan. That is, number of times Subscription should Reoccur.

There are 3 sections needs to be configured when you creating plans. They are,

  1. Basic
  2. Period
  3. Trail

Creating a new plan

Go to Axisubs > Plans Click the New button to start the plan creation process.


Plan Name

Enter the name of plan. The name entered here will be displayed when you published the plan in frontend. E.g., Professional.


If the option is selected as published, the plan created will be displayed. If the unpublished option is selected, then the plan is not displayed.


Enter an alias name. If you do not enter anything, Axisubs! will generate it for you.


Here you can describe about your plan. The plan decription entered here will be displayed when you list the plans in frontend. This is used to describe about the plan to show in the customer portal when users change their subscription.

Plan Type

Here you should choose whether your plan in Free plan or a paid plan. If you choose Free Forever, the section period and trial will be hidden since it is no need for free plan. The section period and trail will be activated only on choosing Paid plan type.



Enter the number of days, you want this plan to be in existance. Once the period time is over,it will be expired.

Charging model

The default charging model is Flat Fee.


Enter the price for your subscription plan.

Setup Cost

Enter the one time setup cost amount for the subscription level.

Allow Renewals

If yes option is selected , the plan will be auto renewaled after the expiry. If you don't want to enable auto-renewal for your subscription plan, then set this to NO.

If Allow Renewals is enabled, you can see the parameter Recurring. Set this parameter to Forever will auto renewal every time when subscription level becomes expired. If you would like to define the number of times the subscription should re-occur then choose YES to "Recurring". It will ask you enter the number of billing cycles.

Payment Plugins

It will show you the payment plugins enabled in Axis Subscriptions. Choose any one of the payments listed or select all.


Trial Period

Specify the number of days for the trial. If the session is empty, it means that you don't want trial. Note: You can also extend the trial period for certain users before it expires.

Trial start condition

Select the option,'on payment confirmation' from the list, which means that the trial period will start after the confirmation of the payment.

Check the images below to understand, how to create a plan.

Once the above details have been entered and the save option is clicked, the following will be created so that you can edit,delete the plans as shown in the image below,