The configuration part includes two steps. Each one is explained below in detail. They are:

  • Configurations
  • Currency and Tax


  • Address, City The address and city of the store is not mandatory. You can enter an address or simply leave the fields empty.
  • ZIP/Postal code Enter a valid postal code. This field can not be empty.
  • Country Name Name of the country should be selected from the given list. This field can not be empty.
  • Zone Name Name of the zone in the country. To be selected from the given list.
  • Date time format Here one can choose the display format of date from several available options. Check the image below

Store Configuration

Currency and Tax

An important area. Please think twice before you configure. Read the description carefully while configuring the following options.

  • Default Currency The currency that has been a legal tender in the country. To be selected from the given list.
  • Auto Update Currency Setting this option to Yes will automatically update the latest exchange values for the currency that is being dealt with. For e.g., the daily exchange values of INR against US $ will be updated automatically.
  • Enable Tax Set this to YES will include the taxes for the or it will exclude tax for the plan.
  • Prices Entered with tax This is a very important option which deserves careful attention when entering the price of a product. The two options are:
    1. Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax
    2. No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax
  • Price Display Options Price of a product can be displayed in three formats.
    1. Only the price of the plan.
    2. Price inclusive of relevant tax, as a single figure.
    3. Price and Tax separately.
  • Display tax information below the prices Set this to YES will display (Incl.19% tax) or (excl.19% tax) to plan.

Check the image below to understand how to enable tax and currency .