Email Templates

Axis Subscriptions customise the email notifications sent to the customers when they subscribe for subscription plan. The email templates offers a wide range of short codes to include dynamic data like subscription information, customer information in the email notification.

Customizing Email Templates

Select email templates through the following link Axis Subscriptions -> Setup -> Email Templates.

Click NEW to create new email template. You need to input the following parameters while creating new email template.


Axis Subscriptions offers the feature of sending email based on the event. Based on the event selection from the dropdown list the email and its contents send to the user/ customer.


It has to be enabled first to send email based on the events.


The Mail has to be send to the group of peoples base on the selection. Available User groups are listed at the right side end of the page. To add an entry in the recipients box select the options availble in the box and make double click on the option.


It stands for "carbon copy." Anyone you add to the cc: field of a message receives a copy of that message when you send it. All other recipients of that message can see that person you designated as a cc recipient. To add an entry in the cc click the box and type the valid email addresses.


It stands for "blind carbon copy." Anyone you add to the bcc: field of a message receives a copy of that message when you send it. But, bcc: recipients are invisible to all the other recipients of the message including other bcc: recipients. To add an entry in the bcc field, Click and enter the valid email addresses.


Enter the subject of your Email here.

Email Body

Enter your own Email body text here.

You can also use the number of shortcodes available at the right side of the page. These short tags are used to display the dynamic content like subscription information and subscriber information. Simply select the shortcode tags and press left arrow < now, the tags will be added to the Email body.

Use the toggle editor to place the html tags and to style your email template.