Shortcodes and module

Axis Subscriptions shortcodes

Axis subscriptions offers list of shortcodes so it is very easy to add a single subscription anywhere in your site. For example, consider you are developing a site for subscription management. In that case, it requires to display the price comparison table with the subscription button. Here are the list of shortcodes to display subscription button, setup cost, plan duration, plan price.

{axisubs-plan-price}xx{/axisubs-plan-price} - To get plan price

{axisubs-plan-setup-cost}xx{/axisubs-plan-setup-cost} - To get setup cost

{axisubs-plan-duration}xx{/axisubs-plan-duration} - To get duration of subscription plan

{axisubs-subscribe-button}xx{/axisubs-subscribe-button} - To get subscription button

Note : Where XX is plan ID.

How to use shortcodes ?

Enable plugin

By default, the System - Axis Subscription Tags plugin comes with your Axis subscriptions package.

  • Go to Extensions > Plugins
  • Search for type System
  • Enable System - Axis Subscription Tags


Lets say, you are providng hosting services and would like to provide subscription based services. In every subscription based website, it is very necessary to display a pricing table with buy button to the users.

Just create a pricing table with your own text, style it and add below shortcode in your article page to display the subscribe button.

{axisubs-subscribe-button}xx{/axisubs-subscribe-button} (Where xx is your plan ID. For example, 1)

See below image how we added shortcode inside article

This is how the frontend looks

Module - Axis Subscriptions Plan

Go to module manager and create new module with type "Axis Subscriptions Plan". axisub-module


Publish the module to your template's available position and assign it to the menu


This is how module looks in frontend,