A Github repository is a location where all the files for a particular project are stored. Usually abbreviated to “repo.” Each project will have its own repo, and can be accessed by a unique URL. For example, consider our products Axisubs, JMarkDown and AxisMeta. Documentation for all the products are written in .md format and maintained in Github repositories. To display those documentation (.md files) in the site, we have developed JMarkDown and fetch the documentation from Github repositories and display them in the site. Lets see how to create repository in Github and maintaining .md files.

Creating Repository in Github

Signup and login into your Github account and start creating repository.

Now, the .md files are pushed into the created repository

Adding Repository in JMarkDown

Go to components -> JMarkDown for getting the JMarkDown Dashboard as like below image.

Currently, it does not contain any item. To create a new repository click on new button in the top left corner.

Refer the below image

Enter all the necessary fields like repository tittle, Git user name, Git password, Git account name, Git Repository name and select the status.

Refer the below image

After entering all fields press save and close.