Price Discount Rules

Now start creating dynamic pricing and bulk discount rules using following discount methods:

  1. Quantity based by product/category and BOGO deals
  2. Dependant product based discount 

The discounts can be applied either as percentage (5%) or as fixed price ($5). 

Quantity based by product/category and BOGO deals

 By using this discount method you could apply the discount on following several conditions:

  1. You can apply discount to All Products
  2. You can apply discount to Specific Categories
  3. You can apply discount to Specific Products

All Products : This condition allows you to apply the discount for all products in your store.

Specific Categories : This discount condition allows you to apply discount to only specific category(s). If you are maintaining more number of product categories and would like to apply discount to one or two categories, then choose this condition.

Specific Products : This condition allows you to apply discount to specific product(s). If you would like to set discount only to any one single product, it is possible with this condition.

Sometimes the store may wants to give customers a Buy One Get One(BOGO) offer, you could achieve this by using this discount method.

For example: Buy X get Y product free.

Dependant product based discount

This discount method helps you to create and apply discount on one or more products based on the purchase of another product.

For example :
Buy Product A and get 50% discount in Product B.

Steps to create price discount rule

Follow the steps to below to create price based discount rules. 

General tab 

1. Order

It is possible to create multiple discount and you can setup any number of discount rules in your store.
While creating multiple discount rules here you have to give the priority for each rules. That is, the plugin decides which rule is going to implement first based on the priority number you given here. 

Note: More than one rule should not have same priority. It should be unique.

2. Rule Name

Enter the unique name for the rule.

3. Rule Description

Enter two line description about the rule.

4. Method

Choose the discount method based on your discount requirements.

5. Validity

If you would like your discount to be available only for certain time period, choose the dates between which the discount is valid.

Below is the example screenshot for creating discount rule for BOGO deals


1. Apply To

Choose on what basis the discount should be applied. You can choose any one from the list (All Products, specific categories, specific products).

2. Customers

Choose whether the discount should apply to all customers or specific customer.

3. User roles 

If you wants the discount should be applied to the customers from specific user roles, use this option and choose the user role here.

For example, the store owner offer a backpack free if customer buys a laptop, then the condition should be like,


Here you have to define quantity range for discount.

1. Min Quantity and Max Quantity

Choose the quantity range between which the discount should apply.

2. Adjustment type

Choose your discount type here. You can choose either Percentage discount or price discount. For example, say 5% or $5.

If you are going for BOGO, then you will have to choose "Product discount"  as the adjustment type.

3. Value

Enter the discount value in number. For example, 5.

If you have chosen Product discount as the adjustment type, then you will get the option to select the product instead of the value text box. See the image below:


Direct link to see the examples here.

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