The plugin integrates Stripe payment gateway with Axis Subscriptions. Collect payments through a robust payments system with low transaction fee using Stripe. Complete Integration of Stripe recurring payments.


  1. PHP version 5.6
  2. Wordpress 4.6.1

Getting started

To use stripe payment gateway with Axis subscriptions, first thing you must create plans inside stripe payment gateway and import it in Axis Subscriptions > Plans.

For recurring payment please add following Webhook URL: {site path}/?axisubs_plan=plans&task=paymentComplete&payment_type=axisubs-app-payment-stripe&apptask=notify

How to create plans in Stripe payment ?
  1. Login into your stripe account.

  2. In the left side menu panel, under subscriptions you can see Plans. Click on it and create new plans.

  3. If your stripe account does not have any plans, it asks you to create plans.

  4. If you have plans already you can create another by clicking New on top right of that page.

  5. Enter all the required fields and click create plan.
Importing subscription Plans from Stripe
  1. Now go to Axis Subscriptions > Plans
  2. You can see Import from Stripe button.
  3. Click on Import from Stripe will import all the plans you have in stripe payment gateway.
  4. See below image

Configuring stripe payment plugin

Payment title: Enter a name that will be shown in the payment methods selection at order summary page. Default payment title is Stripe.

Payment Display Image: Image chosen here will be shown in the payment method selection at order summary page.

Test/Live: Choose Test if you would like to use Stripe's Sandbox test account.

Test Secret Key Enter your stripe's sandbox test account's secret key.

Test Publishable Key Enter your stripe's sandbox test account's publishable key.

Live Secret Key Enter your stripe's live account's Secret API Key.

Live Publishable Key Enter your live Stripe account's Publishable API Key.