Getting Started

A quick guide to get started on integrating Axis Subscription with your Wordpress website.


Each new customer will have to sign up and subscribe for a plan. Based on the subscription level, Axis Subscription will charge and renew your customers.

Subscription Status

  1. New
  2. Active
  3. Cancel
  4. Pending
  5. Expired
  6. Failed
  7. In Trial
  8. Future

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Each subscription is defined by the Plan associated with it, as the Plan contains information regarding the price, the billing cycle, the billing and trial periods of the product. Axis Subscriptions allows you to create following types of plans.

  1. Free
  2. Recurring
  3. Recurring with trial
  4. Non-Recurring
  5. Non-Recurring with trial

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Axis Subscriptions offers a host of paypal payment method option that you can use to accept payments from your customers.


With Axis Subscriptions, it is possible to add tax to the subscription price. It also offers a feature of creating Tax for different countries and states and also you can able to display the subscription price with either including tax or excluding tax.Click here to read more..


Promotions and incentives play a key factor in driving customers toward a product and to boost sales. A ‘Coupon' defines the benefit being applied, and the period up to which it will be applied, on a Subscription. Click here to read more..

Content restriction

If you have content that should be locked down for non subscribers, you can use our Content Restriction app which allows you to restrict the particular page content to be available for all viewers. Click here to read more..

Here you will be getting to know the server requirements required for using Axis Subscriptions and how to get started with Axis Subscriptions.

  1. Requirements and Installation
  2. Quickstart
  3. Configuration
  4. Setting up pages