Now you are ready to configure the Axisubs. Go to Axis Subscriptions > Configuration to configure the basic settings of Axisubs subscription management system. choose-config

On clicking Axis Subscriptions > Configuration, you will be redirected to configuration page. Axis Subscriptions configuration involves three configuration steps such as Basic configuration, Tax configuration and EU Vat configuration.

Basic configuration


Tax configuration

Once you finished configuring basic configuration, move to Tax tab to configure tax settings.

  1. Enable Tax : Set this to YES will enable the tax for Axis subscriptions.
  2. Tax type : This is a very important option which deserves careful attention when entering the price of a product. The two options are:

    • Excluding tax - If you choose excluding tax, you must enter the price without tax.
    • Including tax - If you choose including tax, you must enter the price with tax.
  3. Display tax information below the prices : Choose YES will display (Incl. 8% tax) or (Excl. 8% tax) below the plan prices in frontend.


EU Vat configuration

  1. Enable EU Vat : Set this to YES will enable the EU Vat rules
  2. No tax for Non-EU : If you don't want to charge tax for the Non EU customers, choose YES.
  3. Apply Digital Rules : Choose YES will enable applying digital rules for the digital product subscriptions.
  4. Validate Tax Number field : If you choose YES, the tax number will be validated and shows error before submitting.