Quickstart guide

After you have successfully activated the Axis Subscriptions plugin, you will need to follow below step-by-step instructions in order to launch your membership site.

Step 1 Installation

In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new as illustrated below.


Click on Add new will be redirected to the plugin installer page. plugin-upload

Select the package file and click Install install

After installing plugin, go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and find the Axisubs plugin and click on Activate to activate the Axisubs.


Once you activated, the Axisubs will be listed in the Wordpress Dashbord menu as like illustrated image below axisubs-menu

Step 2 Configuration

Now you are ready to configure the Axis subscription. Go to Axisubs > Configuration to configure the basic settings of Axis subscription management system. choose-config

On clicking Axisubs > Configuration, you will be redirected to configuration page where you should fill all the fields and click Save


Step 3 Creating subscription Plans

With Axis subscription management system, you can create 5 types of plan such as Free, Non-recurring, Non-recurring with trial, Recurring, Recurring with trial.

From Wordpress Dashboard go to Axisubs > Plans and click on Add new to create new plan. add-new-plan

Clicking on Add new will redirect you to new plan creating page where your should enter all the fields required for your plan and click save.





Display Plans in frontend

Once you created the plan, you can display it using shortcode. Go to Pages > Add new to create new page.

Add the below shortcode in your page content. The following shortcode will display all the plans you have created. Shortocde - [AxisubsAllPlans]


Subscribe for a plan

Click Subscribe button frontend1

Order Summary


Payment information


Subscription details