A customer views the plans and completes the subscription process, it is transformed into an subscription. Subscriptions are listed here according to their statuses. They are as follows:

  • New - Order received (Unpaid)
  • Active - The subscription is in active state and will be charged at start of each term based on the recurring plans.
  • Cancel - Subscriptions that will not renew after the current billing period.
  • Pending - Order recieved but payment in pending.
  • Expired - Subscriptions that are no longer active.
  • Failed - Payment failed or was declined
  • In Trial - Active subscriptions that are in a trial period.
  • Future - The Subscription is scheduled to start in a future date.

Every subscription will possess some important information that explains about it. They are:

  • Subscription ID - ID for reference that tracks all the processing steps
  • Plan name - Name of the plan to which subscription actually happened.
  • Start Date - The date in which the subscription is started
  • End Date - The date on which the subscription ends.
  • Total Cost - The total value of the subscription after billing
  • Status - Active or still in process - like information

Check the image below to understand clearly. subscription-backend subscription

You can also create the subscriptions manually from backend.

Follow below steps to create subscription from backend
  1. Go to Axis subscriptions > Subscriptions and click on Add New button to create new subscription.
  2. After clicking on New button it asks you to choose the customer to whom you acutally create a subscription.
  3. It lists you the list of existing customers. You can see the choose customer at the end of each customer's row. Click on Choose customer.
  4. Once you clicked Choose customer, it asks you to enter the subscription details
  5. Choose the plan name and start date of subscription level and click save.
  6. Now go to Axis Subscriptions > Subscriptions and you can see the subscription you created with the status New. If customer paid you already, open / view the subscription and click on Mark Active.