By default, our plugin supports RTL.
Only some instances require this specific CSS to force RTL.
Are you facing a hard time to get it work with RTL ?

Let's get it working by following these 3 steps:

  1. Create a template override file in the following path
  •   wp-content/themes/<YOUR_THEME>/woocommerce/emails/email-styles.php then
  • Edit  wp-content/themes/<YOUR_THEME>/woocommerce/emails/email-styles.php
  • Please add the following code in that file. 

2. Add the following code in theme --> functions.php

function woo_email_customizer_load_css_from_template_method($load_css_from_theme){
    return true;

add_filter('woo_email_customizer_load_css_from_template', 'woo_email_customizer_load_css_from_template_method', 10);

3. When you add the above code the RTL will be reflected only in mail. If you want to see the RTL while designing the email template, add the below code in Custom CSS tab.

html,body,table, div,p,td,.em-main {      
direction: rtl !important;  
text-align:right !important;

This will ensure a better RTL in both email and the backend :-)

Still unclear ?

Please leave a support request to [email protected]
We will be happy to assist you :-)

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