This is one of most common discount offered by many online stores. This encourages the customer to purchase a second since he gets a discount.
So you end up selling two products instead of 1.

NOTE: You need WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO to configure this rule

Here is the example configuration for the above discount rule:

 General Screen:

Conditions screen:
I have configured this discount to apply for "All Products" in the store.
You can also choose to apply for Specific Categories, Specific Products or Specific Attributes

IMPORTANT: The checkbox "should NOT be" checked to count quantities cumulatively.

Discount screen

The customer should get 20% off starting from the second quantity of the same product.

NOTE: I have only configured up to 4 quantity range in the example. You can add more quantity ranges to meet your needs

If the customer purchases 3 quantities, he should get 20% as well on 2 products (Notice the Free quantity field). If 4, then he gets 20% for 3 quantites.

Here is how it looks in the store front

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to offer this discount only for a few specific products ?

Simple. In the conditions tab, please choose the Apply TO as "Specific Products"

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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