What if you are trying to reset the templates to the default or do the customization from a empty template ?

That is so simple...

We have 2 methods to reset the templates:

Method 1: 

Reset any of the template to an empty template

Method 2: 

Resetting all the templates to default templates which comes within our plugin.

Navigate to Email Customizer -> Settings page

Re-setting Selected Email Template:

 The Selected template will be reset to a Black Template, then you can drag and drop the elements to create your New Customized Templates

Choose your site language and the template you wanted to re-set. Then press the re-set button.

This will reset that particular template.

This will be useful when sometimes you may want to start designing from scratch or when you are having an issue with loading a particular template.

Re-setting All Templates:

Caution: Exercising this option will re-set all your email templates to default styles that comes with the plugin

Post creating email templates using the WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin, if you wish to revert back to the default email template, then here are the steps to be done:Navigate to WooCommerce->WooCommerce Email Builder->Settings->Reset all template to default.Once you click on the revert icon, you will be prompted with a confirmation message. The option to be selected is "YES, I'M SURE".After clicking the option, a success message will appear that confirms the reversion.


And that is it. You have now reverted back to the default email templates. 

Here is a default template:

Here is a Video Tutorial on Resetting the Email Templates:

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Still Unclear ?

Write us to -> [email protected] , we will be assisting you with the possible ways.

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