his is one of the most common BOGO deals offered by the online stores.
The customer actually gets another quantity of the same product as free.

The feature is a part of the PRO version of WooCommerce Discount Rules Plugin.

Discount Scenarios

 The deal is often referred in different terms. But their meaning is quite same. 

  • Buy One and get one of the same product free
  • Buy 2 and get one quantity of the same product free
  • Buy Product A and get another quantity of Product A free
  • Buy T-Shirt Small Size and get another quantity of T-Shirt Small Size free.
  • Buy 2 get 1 of the same product free. Buy 4 get 2 of the same product free and so on
  • Buy a variant and get the same variant free. Example: Buy a Red Shoe and get another Red Shoe free
  • Buy Product A and get second of the same product at 20% discount 


Buy X Get X type of discounts cannot be automatically add the Free quantity to the cart

The above examples all refer to the Buy X and Get X  type of deal. 

Let us create the rule using an example:

Rule Configuration 

The following example provides: Buy One and Get One free. That is Buy any product from the store and get another quantity of the "same product" free (Buy X and Get X).


Make sure you choose the Quantity based / BOGO Deals method. 


I have chosen to apply the discount to "All Products" in the store. You can also choose to provide the discount only for Selected Categories or Specific Products or Specific attributes.


Heads up!: I have configured up to 10 quantities. Usually most customers wont purchase more than 10 quantities in an order. However, if you think you may get more quantities in an order, you can add more ranges. There is no limitation to add a range.


Here is how it would look at the front end

Notice that the customer gets a 1 quantity of Memory card  as free when he purchases 2 quantities of it.
Similarly, he would get 2 Ankle Socks free when he purchases 4
He would get 3 back cases free when he purchases 6 quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Instead of free (100% discount), is it possible to set 20% or any other percentage?

Yes. Instead of the 100%, choose the Limited percentage option while adding the ranges in the discount tab. Then set a limited percentage.
 Checkout this example

2. Is to possible to "Automatically" add the free item?

NO. In the Buy X and Get X rules, automatic adding of free product will lead to an infinite loop.

Read this article for a detailed explanation

Like it?  Go ahead and purchase the Woo Discount Rules Plugin to start offering this deal in your WooCommerce online store.

Here is a video tutorial on Buy X Get X:

Still Unclear ? Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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