This is possible only in PRO version of discount rules:
Let's see how to create a 15% discount for the category "Apparels".

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules -> Add New 

Step-1 : General tab 

In this example, you will be knowing how to apply discount for specific category.  On general tab give the order number, Rule name, Rule description and then choose
Method = Quantity based by product/category and BOGO deals 

Step-2: Condition tab 

On condition tab, choose
Apply to = Specific categories and choose the category to which you wants to apply the discount. For example, we choose "Apparels"
Check the box "Apply child categories", if you would like to include the sub-categories of Apparels.
Click Next.

Step-3: Discount tab 

Define the quantity range and give the discount value 15.
Min quantity - 1
Max quantity - 9999
Adjustment type - Percentage discount
Value - 15 

Example 2:
Another scenario for the same category by increasing the ranges:

You can also increase the range, according to which you can provide different percentage discounts for example. For 10 quantities it is 15% discount, for 11 to 20 products it is 20% discount. You can add ranges as per your requirements.

Step-4: Front-end demo 

15% discount when 1 quantity added to the cart.

Cart screen of different ranges:

Gives 15% discount when 3 quantities of specific category is purchased.

Example 3:
Buy from Category A, get 1 product quantity with 10% discount in the same category (Cheapest one):

If you are trying to achieve a discount where, When products are purchased from a specific category, then give 10% in the products purchased from same category.

Discount tab :
Select the same category as chosen in the condition tab.

In the Discount tab, you can limit the quantities of the products purchased in that category to provide a discount by adjusting the Min and Max quantity. 

Choose "Cheapest in cart - selected category" and select the category that gets the discount. You can also choose multiple categories if you want to give discount.

You can limit the discount applied for products , that is the number of cheapest products to avail a 10% discount by limiting the "Item quantity"

Limit the Percentage : here it is 10%.

Example 4:
Likewise, Buy 2 products from Category A, get 1 of the cheapest among them for 40% discount:

Example 5:
If you want the discount to be applied, for every 2 quantities in the category and get 1 cheapest among them for free:

you must have to add more ranges and increase the Min-Max quantity and the Item quantity.

Example 6:
For specific category with a scenario of having a Subtotal value:

For example only apply this category specific discount when the cart has a subtotal of 150.
If the cart has a subtotal of 150 then a cap can be given for free. 

Discount tab :
Specify the free product. 

So this discount will be applied only when the cart has a 150 subtotal.

Note :
This subtotal value will be include the free product cost and then the product will be given for free.

Example 7:
Purchase from a product from category A and get a Free product (Mug) or a percentage discount in Mug.
Here it goes!

  • Add your desired category in the condition tab
  • In the discount tab, you can choose from multiple options like, either specify quantity or within the range. 

Here, I have given the following conditions.
Buy 1-5 product quantities from Category A and get 20% discount on 1 Mug.
Buy 6-10 product quantities from Category A and get 30% discount on 2 Mugs.
Likewise, you can apply it for any number of quantities and choose limited percent or 100%(Free). :) 

Video Demo:

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