Provide discounts based on the Quantities of products in Cart.
For Example: 2 x Product A, 2 x Product B so cart has 4 quantities.

Provide tiered discounts based on the quantities for example:

2 - 4 quantities in cart get 10% discount
5 - 7 quantities get 20% discount

Let us see, how to construct 2 - 4 quantities gets 10% discount.

Add New Rule in Cart Discount Rules:

Step-1 : General tab:
In general tab, give the basic details for your discount rule such as Rule name, Rule description.

Step-2 : Condition tab

In condition tab, choose 

Choose Total number of quantities in cart atleast and less than conditions.

these conditions work as "AND" operation, that is that checks if the cart satisfies both the conditions.

Step-3 : Discount tab

Now you are on discount tab where choose discount type - Percentage discount and value - 10. 

With these conditions, you can apply 4 types of discounts either Percentage or price or product discount or Free shipping as discounts

Step-4 : Frontend demo:

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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