If you wish to provide discounts based on customer's billing/shipping address, then here we go.. :) 

This feature is available only in PRO version. Click the below button and purchase.

You can provide discount based on the following: 

  • Billing city 
  • Shipping country
  • Shipping state
  • Shipping city
  • Shipping zipcode

Let's see with an example:
I want to offer 25% discount for customer's whose shipping country is "United States"

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart discount rules .
Click Add New rule 

Step-1 : General tab
Provide a suitable rule name.

Step-2 : Condition tab

I am setting my condition as "Shipping country in list" and choosing United States (US).

Step-3 : Discount tab
I am setting 25% discount

Step-4 : Frontend demo
In the checkout page, when we enter the specified shipping country, the discount will be applied.

Similarly, you will be able to provide discounts based on:

  • Shipping State
  • Billing City

Select the country from the drop down and enter your state. You can provide multiple discounts based on shipping countries and adding more conditions to it.
Example :
10% discount for customers from California.
You can add the condition -- Shipping State and enter the value CA.

If you wish to add two more states, you can simply add the state codes separated by comma.

For billing city, you can rightaway enter city full name.

You can give a price or percentage discounts based on it.

Wanted to specify discounts based on shipping zipcode ?
Just add the condition, in the condition tab. 

So, in the checkout page when the zipcode matches with the code given in the rule setup, the discount will be applied as mentioned in the screenshot. 

Still unclear ?
Please submit a support request. We are always happy to assist you :)

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