Short codes are the essence of the email builder as they are used as placeholders for dynamic data.

Example: [woo_mb_order_id]  When used, this short code will be replaced with the actual Order ID in the email notification sent to the customer after he places an order.

Where to find all the short codes?

That is quite simple. In the email template builder screen, you have the Short codes button


List of supported short codes

Below are the available list of short codes.

Order Details:

[woo_mb_items] - To Get Items

[woo_mb_order_id] - To Get Order ID

[woo_mb_order_link] - To Get Order URL (Takes url from settings)

[woo_mb_order_sub_total] - To Get Order Sub-Total

[woo_mb_order_total] - To Get Order Total

[woo_mb_order_fee] - To Get Order Fee

[woo_mb_order_refund] - To Get Order Refunds

[woo_mb_order_date] - To Get Order Date


[woo_mb_order_payment_method] - To Get Payment Method

[woo_mb_payment_method] - To Get Payment Method

[woo_mb_transaction_id] - To Get Transaction ID

[woo_mb_order_payment_url] -  To get the Payment Url (Not this would work only for unpaid orders)


[woo_mb_shipping_method] - To Get Shipping Method

[woo_mb_order_shipping] - To get Shipping Total

[woo_mb_shipping_first_name] - To Get Shipping First Name

[woo_mb_shipping_last_name] - To Get Shipping Last Name

[woo_mb_shipping_company] - To Get Shipping Company

[woo_mb_shipping_address] - To Get Shipping Address

[woo_mb_shipping_address_1] - To Get Shipping Address 1

[woo_mb_shipping_address_2] - To Get Shipping Address 2

[woo_mb_shipping_city] - To Get Shipping City

[woo_mb_shipping_state] - To Get Shipping State

[woo_mb_shipping_postcode] - To Get Shipping Postal Code

[woo_mb_shipping_country] - To Get Shipping Country


[woo_mb_billing_address] - To Get Billing Address

[woo_mb_billing_first_name] - To Get First Name

[woo_mb_billing_last_name] - To Get Last Name

[woo_mb_billing_company] - To Get Billing Company

[woo_mb_billing_address_1] - To Get Billing Address 1

[woo_mb_billing_address_2] - To Get Billing Address 2

[woo_mb_billing_city] - To Get Billing City

[woo_mb_billing_state] - To Get Billing State

[woo_mb_billing_postcode] - To Get Billing PostalTo Get User's Email Code

[woo_mb_billing_country] - To Get Billing Country

[woo_mb_billing_phone] - To Get Billing Phone

[woo_mb_billing_email] - To Get Billing Email


[woo_mb_site_name] - To get Site Name

[woo_mb_site_url] - To Get Site URL

[woo_mb_user_name] - To Get User's Name

[woo_mb_user_email] - To Get User's Email

[woo_mb_customer_provided_note] - To Get Customer provided note

[woo_mb_customer_note] - To Get Customer last note

[woo_mb_customer_notes] - To Get all Customer Notes

Reset Password:

[woo_mb_password_reset_url] - To get reset url [woo_mb_password_reset_url_string] - To get reset url in string for using in href 

New User:

 [woo_mb_user_password] - To get User Password

[woo_mb_user_activation_link] - To get activation url

Woocommerce Email Contents through Hooks:
(Shortcodes get replaced only in actual Emails) 

[woo_mb_woocommerce_email_order_meta] - Contents which loads by the hook woocommerce_email_order_meta
[woo_mb_woocommerce_email_before_order_table] - Contents which loads by the hook woocommerce_email_before_order_table 

Check the below guide to get the additional short code from the Order Meta information:

Custom short codes

In addition to the short codes provided, you can also create additional, custom short codes and write an output logic for it.



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