There will be situations when you want apply the dynamic pricing discounts after the customer enters a valid coupon code.

WooCommerce Discount Rules normally apply the matching discount rules automatically. Most of the store owners would prefer to offer the dynamic discount rules this way.

But there will be situations when you wanted to provide a specific coupon to the customers and tie one or more rules to the coupon.

Common Scenarios are:

  • Use ONE coupon code to apply different discounts 


  1. One coupon code gives 10% discount on Category A, 20% discount on Category B and 30% on Category C
  2. One coupon applies 5% on Product A,  10% on Product B
  3. One coupon gives 20% for Wholesale users, 5% for retail users (user role based)
  4. One coupon gives 10% for orders over $100 and 20% for orders over $200 

What you will need to do this?

Woo Discount Rules PRO - You can purchase it from this page 

Two methods of activating discounts :

  • Create your own coupon
  • Create coupon via Woocommerce -  The default feature... You need this to create a dummy coupon code.

Let's get started :
Method 1 : 

Create your own coupon (Easier & Recommended)

In the condition tab of the discount rule, you can choose "create your own coupon"

Here, you can enter your own coupon code :

Discounts will be activated when this coupon code is entered in cart.
Similar way, you can create your own coupon when creating a cart discount rule.

Simple!! Isn't it :-) 

Note : This feature is available from 1.8.1 versions.
If you are using any previous versions, kindly update the plugin to latest version.
Click here to know on how to update plugin to latest version.

Method 2 : 

Create a coupon code via Woocommerce 

Let's first create a coupon code with a 0 discount. Since the plugin will dynamically apply the discount amount, the coupon code should be created a with a 0 discount. Otherwise, customer would end up getting more discount!

Go to WooCommerce -> Coupons -> Create a coupon
See the below screenshot

Step 1: Creating a coupon 

IMPORTANT: Make sure the 

  • "Discount type" field is set to: "Percentage discount"
  • Coupon amount is set to "0"
The rule will not work if you set a wrong discount type


  • You need to follow any one of the above methods (DO NOT follow Method 2 if you already followed Method 1)

Let's take an example of a price discount rule :
Now, go to the WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price rules tab.

We will be using the following example scenario to understand how this works:

10% discount on products in Shirts category
20% discount on products in Shoes category

Step 1:  Create a rule for Category A (shirts)

Click "Add New" to start creating the discount rule.
General Tab

Choose the "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals

Note: Do Not Choose 'Dependant product based rule', hence coupons cannot be used in Dependant product based rules.

Conditions Tab

There are a few things to note.

  • You  have the option to apply the discount to All Products, Specific Categories, Specific Attributes or Selected Products.
  • For this scenario, we are using for Specific Categories. You can also adopt this example for selected attributes and products as well
  1. Choose the "Specific Categories" and select the category(ies) you wanted. 
  2. Select your desired discount activation from the coupon dropdown.

Discount Tab

This is fairly simply.
Click "Add Range" and set it to apply from 1 quantity itself. So that it applies for any quantity. 

NOTE: You can set a minimum required quantity to a higher number depending on your requirement. You can even add more ranges if you like.

Now that we created the rule for "Category A"
Repeat the same steps by "Creating another rule for Category B"

Step 2:  Create a rule for Category B (shoes)

Start by creating a New Rule under the Price Based discount Rule tab.

General Tab - (for Category B)


Conditions are almost similar. What changes here is the category.


The discount percentage is now 20% for the shoes


Here is a screenshot showing both discounts activated with "two different discounts" using the "one coupon code"

The following are some more scenarios that you can use this feature

Scenario:  Coupon activated rule for All Products in Store  - Price Based Rule  
Condition Tab :

Discount Tab :

When the customer enters the coupon code "SUMMER", he would get a 10% discount on all products he purchases.
Here is a screenshot showing the cart page

Scenario:  Cart based discount rule - Activated with a coupon

Well, the above example is based on the product price based rule. Now, let us see how to do this with a cart based rule.

Sometimes, you wanted to provide a discount like:  "Buy more than 4 quantities from Apparel category  and apply a coupon "SUMMER" and get 15 % discount."

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart based rule tab

Create a discount rule like in the example below

General tab

Conditions tab

NOTE: You can add other conditions as well. Like example : Subtotal at least. The rule will apply when the conditions you have set meets.

Discount tab

This would apply a 15% discount when customer purchases at least 4 quantities from the sample category and then applies a coupon code "SUMMER"

Here is how it looks at the storefront -> cart

Important Note 1:

Since we create a dummy coupon to activate the rules, the coupon would show up with a zero value (0.00).
You can hide the zero value in the plugin settings -> general 

Set the switch "Hide $0.00 value of coupon codes in totals column" to YES.

Note 2 :
For price discount rule, If you have set a free product to be added automatically when a coupon is applied, make sure to set the option to Yes from price rule settings tab.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

Looking to have a discount rule like this in your WooCommerce online store ? Buy the  WooCommerce Discount Rules  PRO plugin now and start offering dynamic discount rules in your online store

Still unclear ?
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