This is a simple BOGO discount scenario where you buy Product A and get Product B free.

This guide is useful in the following scenarios only:

  • You want to provide a specific product free when purchasing another product (Buy A, get B free)
  • You know which product to give free
  •  You want the free product to be "automagically" added to cart


Note: You will need Woo Discount Rules PRO version to set this discount scenario for Dependent product based rules.

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules -> Add New 

General tab:

Make sure you choose the "Quantity based by product/category and BOGO Deals" 

Conditions tab:

Choose the "Specific products"  and select the product the customer should purchase to get eligibility for the free product.

IMPORTANT: Choose only one product here for scenarios like "Buy Product A and get Product B free (or 50% discount) 

Discount Tab:

  • The Min - Max quantity range should be set according to the number of products you wanted to give free. This will be useful when you want: Buy 1 Product A and get 1 Product B free.  Buy 2 Product A and get 2 Product B free... and so on.
  • Adjustment type should be "Product discount"
  • Apply for should be "Auto add All selected products"
  • Free quantity should be the quantity you wanted to give free.

    Upto version 1.8.2:

From Version 1.9.0:

NOTE: You can configure as many ranges as you like.

Now when a customer adds iPhone, he will get 1 quantity of Pendrive free.

If customer adds 2 quantities of iPhone, he will get 2 quantities of Pendrive free

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to provide 50% discount on Product B, when Product A is purchased ?

In the discount tab, instead of setting it to 100%, set it to  Limited Percentage -> 50%

2. How to provide 50% discount on all products in the store, when Product A is purchased?

Please checkout this guide for this scenario 

3. How to provide "Buy any product from Category A, get  Product X free?

In the Conditions tab, please choose "Specific Categories"

4. I want the customers to select the size (in other words, a variant needs to be selected by the customer in the free product)

This scenario occurs when the free product is a "variable product". Example: A T-Shirt.

So the customer should select the size or colour of the T-Shirt and add it to cart. And then get it free. 

To configure this scenario, the general and conditions tabs follow the same set up as mentioned above. In the discount tab, choose the Apply for as "Cheapest in cart - Selected items"

IMPORTANT NOTE: The customer has to select the variant and add to cart to get the discount.  

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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