Another popular discount rule offered in stores, especially those offering services.
A classic example is: Purchase a pass for Painting workshop at full price and get 20% off on the Summer class, Swimming class and Dance Class.

IMPORTANT: The example below works well for those store owners having less number of products or their discounted products are a few selected.
If you are having hundreds of products, then please refer this guide for more easiest configuration

Possible discount scenarios are:

  • Buy Product A at full price, get Product B at 20% discount (or even free)
  • Buy Product A and B at full price, get Product C at 20% discount (or even free)

NOTE: Something important to note in the scenarios is that the order in which the customer purchases.

  • First product in the cart goes WITHOUT discount 
  • 2nd and 3rd are at HALF PRICE

You need the WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO to achieve these discount scenarios

You can configure most of these types of discounts using the Dependent Product discount type 

Let us take the first discount scenario example screenshots. I will add examples for variations of the discount at the FAQ below. 

General Tab

Make sure you choose: Dependent product discount

Conditions tab

Please pay attention to the parameters here before you start configuring.
Here is an example:

The above condition translates into:

Buy at least 1 quantity of Shoe and you will get discount in Accessory 1 (You can add more products if their discount depends on the purchase of Shoe)

Here are the available Buy conditions: 

Any : This means customer can by any product in the FROM field. Product will be counted individually and the rule will apply.
Each: The rule will apply ONLY if the customer purchase ALL the products in the FROM field in the specified quantity.
Combine: This will combine the quantity from any products in the FROM field you add to cart. 

Discount Tab
This is straight forward. You can either offer a percentage or fixed price discount.

TIP:  if you want to offer free, you can set the discount percentage to 100.  

Here is how it would look at the cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to provide 20% discount in Product C when customer purchases at least 1 quantity of Product A and Product B ?

Simple. You need to use the EACH condition.

Discount will apply only when at least 1 quantity of Shoe and 1 quantity of cap is purchased.  

2. Buy 3 or more of Product A and get 20% discount on the third quantity and later

In other words, the first 2 quantity of Product A should be purchased in full price. From 3rd quantity onward, a discount of 20% is applied. 

Here is an example configuration

Here the first 2 quantities are skipped from the discount. Discount applies from the 3rd quantity onward

3. Buy any number of Product A and get 20% discount on 1 quantity only.

In other wards, get 20% discount on the first item, while the subsequent quantities does not carry any discount, meaning they will be charged at full price.

The above settings would only apply discount on the first quantity. So if a customer purchases 3 quantities of Shoes, only the 1st quantity gets 20% discount. The rest are charged at full price. 

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