y X and Get Y is the most popular BOGO deal in the eCommerce world. 

Here are the common discount scenarios used.

  • Buy 2 and get 1 free (often the cheapest)
  • Buy 1 and get the second product (equal or less value item) at 50% discount (see the FAQ below)
  • Buy 2 and get 1  free (repeat). That is Buy 4, get 2 free. Buy 6, get 3 free and so on
  • Buy 2 and get the third item free (see FAQ at the bottom)
  • Buy 2 from Category A and get 1 free from the same Category A (See FAQ at the bottom) 
  • Buy any 1 product from Category A and get 1 product from Category B  free (see FAQ) 

The quantities used here are just examples. You can adopt this example to your requirements.

For instance, you may want to provide, 

  • Buy 5 and get 1 cheapest among them free
  • Buy 4, get the 5th free - usually the cheapest.

In the above cases, all you need to do is, just adjust the "Min" and "Max" quantity fields in the discount tab. The purpose of the Min - Max fields is to provide you the flexibility.

NOTE: You will need the WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO version to configure these discount scenarios

Let's dive into the configuration:

General Tab

Conditions tab

In this example, we used Specific Categories.
That is the rule applies to products from all the selected categories. Make sure you check the box to count quantities cumulatively.

If you need this to apply for a specific products only, you can choose Specific products as well.

Discount Tab

Adjustment type should be set to product discount and the apply for should be: Cheapest among all items in cart (which means the rules applies to items add to the cart. Cheapest item from the cart will be offered free)

Upto version: V1.8.2

In From Version: 1.9.0

Make sure to choose the Dynamic Item count. This will ensure that it will find and apply the discount to cheapest items automatically hierarchically.
You can configure more ranges if you think your customers might purchase more quantities in a cart.

For instance, you may want to provide: Buy 5, get 1 cheapest among them free.
In this case, adjust the Min - Max fields like:

5 to 9
10 to 14
15 - 19 

You are free to adjust the min - max quantity fields depending on your need. So is the "Item quantity" field as well


Scenario 1:  A simple Buy 2 and get 1 cheapest among them free

Scenario 2:

What if customer adds 7 quantities of three different products to cart?

There are 7 quantities available. So as per the rule 3 quantities of the cheapest item (Grey Tshirt) is offered free

Scenario 3:

What if customer buy 7 quantities and there only 2 Grey shirts are in the cart ?

The 2 Grey shirts will be discounted. And the plugin will find the second cheapest item, which is Backpack. So 1 quantity of the Backpack is offered free.

Scenario 4:
What if customer added 1 high value item and 2 cheapest items to cart ?

The customer will get ONE Tshirt free. He will be charged for the second quantity. Because he is eligible for only 1 free quantity here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Buy 1 and get the second product (equal or less price item) at 50% discount  

This scenario is similar to the example above. The only difference is that the discount is 50%

Example: (Assuming this applies to the all products in the store)

Conditions tab:


You need to create multiple ranges so that it works like

Buy 2, get 1 item at 50%
Buy 4, get 2 items at 50%
Buy 6, get 3 items at 50%

NOTE: You can add as many ranges as you like.

2. How to provide Buy 2 and get the third cheapest product free ?

In other words, this means: Buy 3 products and get 1 cheapest among them free.
So just alter the Min and Maximum quantity range.  

The cart will look like

3. How to provide "Buy 2 Product A and get third quantity free"

That is, the BOGO applies only for purchasing specific product.
example: Buy 2 quantity of Wallet and get the third quantity free.

Conditions tab

Discount Tab

Note: You need to choose the apply for as: More than one cheapest from selected. And choose the same product as in the conditions tab.


If customer purchases 3 Wallets, he will get 1 free

If customer purchases 6 wallets, he will get 2 free

4. Buy 2 from Category A and get 1 free from the same Category A

The customer gets the discount on products from the same category. Example:
Buy 2 quantities from Soap category, get 1 cheapest product from the same Soap category.

Your conditions tab should look like this

 Discount Tab

Choose the Adjustment type as:  BOGO Product Discount ->  Cheapest in cart - Selected Categories.
Then choose the same category (ies) as in the conditions tab

Now customer will get the discounted product from the same category.

5. How to provide "Buy any 1 from Category A and get 1 from Category B

In the conditions tab, make sure you choose the specific category that sets the eligibility.

In the discount tab, choose the Adjustment type as: BOGO Product Discount -> Cheapest in cart - Selected Categories.

Choose your Category B there. Let's say it is Accessories. Then your configuration should look like 

In the above example, customer gets 1 product free from "Shirts" category, when he purchases 1 product from "Accessories" category. 

NOTE: The customer has to add the product from Shoe category to get the discount. 

Here is a Video tutorial :

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