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Using our plugin you can enable free shipping if specific conditions are met.
Let's see how we can do that.. 


  •  Before you start creating Free shipping based rule, make sure if you have enabled the Free Shipping from the Woo Discount Rules -> Settings.

Free shipping can be enabled only by creating a cart based rule.

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Cart discount rules :

Let's create Cart rule to enable FREE SHIPPING

Click Add New rule 

General Tab:
Let's see with an example: 

Provide Free Shipping in Cart When Cart subtotal is Greater than 1000$

Condition tab:

My conditions are when the cart subtotal reaches 1000$ or above, enables a Free Shipping in cart.

Discount tab:
Choose Free shipping in the discount tab.

Here is the cart displaying the Free shipping when , the cart contains products from the category Accessories or apparels.

Similarly, you can enable free shipping based on various conditions in the Cart based Rules.

Like Using Number of Quantities in cart, Total number of line items in cart, When particular categories in cart, for particular User roles or users.

You can also combine conditions with "AND" operations.
For Example Enable Free shipping when the cart reaches 500$ and also when a Coupon code is applied "Coupon code: FIRST": (Coupon has to be created from woocommerce coupons)

Some of the other Examples based on Shipping or Billing Address:

  • Billing City
  • Shipping State
  • Shipping City
  • Shipping ZipCode
  • Shipping Countries

For Providing free shipping based on a state, add the following conditions in the condition tab.
Select the country from the drop down and enter your state.

In similar way, free shipping based on specific city is also possible!!
Just Enter your Billing city and select free shipping in the discount tab and you are ready to go..

Multiple Cart conditions for providing free shipping:

  1. Provide shipping only when the Cart satisfies the following conditions.

When subtotal is $1000 and has Categories "Accessories" in cart. To set this you need to have the condition tab as below:

Rule applies only only when cart subtotal is more than $1000 and with the category"Accessories".

Similar free shipping rule can be created with many conditions from the cart.

2. When Cart has 10 quantities from Categories A in list provide free shipping:

NOTE:  When enabling Free Shipping for a particular Category A. Free Shipping will be enabled when Category A is in cart even when other products are in the Cart (Category B or C). It is not possible to disable Free shipping when other products are in cart.

3. Providing Free shipping only to particular User Roles in the List: 

This condition provides, the free shipping only of particular User Groups.
You can add more conditions too, for a specific User group you select like for example, For "Subscriber" and "Customer" (User roles), only when the subtotal of the cart is at least 500, provide free shipping.

Likewise, you can also create free shipping rule for Specific Users in the list. So it will apply to only to those users.

  • When cart rules based on "free shipping" is created, the free shipping option will be enabled along with other shipping methods. Currently, it is not possible to only show the "free shipping" option. 

You can enable Free shipping with any Cart based discount conditions

Here is a Video Tutorial for the Same:

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