Here is a list of common issues you might face while creating discount rules and the solutions for them.

1. Created product specific discount rule. But discount does not show up?

Does the problem occur in the variable products?  T-Shirt is a good example of a variable product that has size and color as variants.

T-Shirt with 3 sizes (small, medium, large as variants).

Here T-Shirt is the parent product.
Its variants would be:

  • T-Shirt - Small
  • T-Shirt - Medium 
  • T-Shirt - Large 


Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Price rules tab
Set "Include variants when just parent product is chosen in the rules" to YES
Here is a screenshot 

2. Category specific discount does not apply when multiple products are purchased ?

Example rule: Buy 10 or more products from Category A and get  15% discount.

This means customer should get discount when he purchases 10 quantities of different products from category A or if he purchases 10 quantities of one product from that category.

Make sure you have checked the box that counts cumulatively in the conditions tab
Here is a screenshot

Notice that i have checked both the cumulative and also made it to apply to child categories.

3. I want to hide the table that is shown in product pages ?

Simple : You can hide the table from the settings page :
 Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Price Rules -> Offer table-> Disabled.

4. I want to show more about the display settings ? 

Check out this detailed guide --> Complete Display Settings guide.

5. Dropdowns / select boxes are not working
Please go to the WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings
Make sure that Enable Dropdowns is set to YES  
Here is a screenshot 

Note : If that is already enabled and you still have issues, please set it to NO.
This issue might occur because that other plugins might be loading the bootstrap already.

6. My BOGO rules are not working ?
Check this detailed BOGO troubleshooting guide.

7. I have set a free shipping cart rule, but the rule is not working ?
Make sure that you have enabled the Free Shipping from the Woo Discount Rules -> Settings.

8. Mini cart or Ajax cart is not reflecting the discount immediately. Only shows a discount upon refreshing.
Go to the WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings
Set "Force Refresh the cart widget while add / remove items to cart" to YES.
See the below screenshot.

9. I have set discount rules correctly, but the discounts are not working ?
Check if you have set a start date for the rule. If so, make sure to check with the current server date and time.
Here is a sample screenshot :

10. I tried everything. But discount is NOT working at all

This might occur if you have multiple discount rules activated in your WordPress site.

How do I check that?
Go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Plugins
Check for the discount plugins

Why it happens ?
Well, almost all the dynamic pricing and discount plugins use the same pricing hooks and triggers for supplying the discount amount to WooCommerce (It is the standard API protocol set by WooCommerce).
So if you have multiple discount plugins enabled, chances are that they are conflicting / overriding each other.

So try disabling any other discount or coupon plugin you are using in the Plugins section and see if that helps.

Still not working ?
No worries. Just submit a support request
We will assist you with it. 

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