Well, the title of the article itself explains the discount scenario. So let's get into an example configuration right away

Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo Discount Rules.
Here, select Price based rule and click on "Add new rule".

General Tab

Choose the Quantity based / BOGO deals method. 

Conditions tab

I have chosen to apply for All Products in the store. You can also choose it to apply only when products from Specific categories are bought. See the FAQ for a few variations in the discount scenario.

NOTE: Make sure you check the box to count the quantities cumulatively. 

Discount tab:

Choose the adjustment type as "Product Discount" and apply it for "Any one cheapest item from All Products"

Heads up! Notice that i have set the minimum quantity as 2. That is important as you want the discount on the cheapest item in the cart. That means there should be at least 2 products in the cart or at least 2 quantities on the same item.

Also notice that i chose to use Limited percent and set it to 50%.
You can even even set to to 100% to give the cheapest item free.
Screenshot of cart page :
50% discount is applied in cart :

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to set up "Buy any product from selected categories and get 50% off on the cheapest item from those categories"

Simple. In the conditions tab, choose to apply the rule for Specific Categories.

Discount tab :
Select the same categories as selected in the condition tab.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

What's Next ?

  1. Buy X Get Y: Buy 2 and get 1 cheapest free (repeat)
  2. Buy any items from Category A and get 25% discount on Category B

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We are always happy to assist you :)

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