This feature is available only in PRO version of Woo Discount Rules.

Many store owners, like to encourage their customers by providing discounts based on the total they have purchased in their previous orders. So this makes the User to avail benefits which in turns increases number of orders and thus results in productivity :) 

Pre-requisites / Requirements:

This is a special type of discount scenario, which only works under certain circumstances.

So carefully read the points below :

The scenario requires validating the below points:
- whether the visitor is a returning customer or a first time visitor
- And we need to check the purchase history to ensure he has orders placed previously
To establish the above facts, we need the visitor to either register and log in. (Example: Purchase history can be validated only for a registered/logged in user)

When a visitor comes to your site, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing whether he is 

  • A first time visitor
  • A returning customer

The ONLY way to establish and validate whether he is a first timer or a returning customer is "when he logs in"

Only when he is logged in, we can 

  • retrieve his previous purchase history
  • if there is a previous purchase, he is a returning customer
  • If there is no purchase, he is a new, first time customer 

As a result, this discount scenario can only be run:

  1. When customer logs in
  2.  Only at the checkout

As a result, the scenario will show the discount only after the customer logs in. Not before that because we may know who the visitor is (a returning customer or a first timer) 

Here is how the discount works:

This purchased history based discount is given in accordance with the value/products that customer has purchased previously.
There are Four conditions you can choose from

  • Purchased Amount
  • Number of previous Order
  • Purchased Product - number of previous order made with following products.
  • Purchase Product - number of quantities previously purchased of the selected products

Another Feature choosing the 

You can be able to associate any Quantity based price rules on Purchase History basis.

Let's see on how to create a price rule:
Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules -> Add rule

Example: Provide 10% discount if their previous purchased amount is greater than 300.
Condition tab:
For Example:
Provide a percentage discount when the user's previous purchased amount is greater than or equal to $300.

Discount tab:
I am providing a 20% discount.

For the same if you want to set up for multiple ranges :

Number of previous Orders:

Store owners, will always wish to provide a discount to customers whose purchased order (Number of purchases) is more (a customer has ordered many times like 10 in a row). 

Here is an example scenario:
You want to provide discount to users who has purchased previously.
You can include the Order status count like, all the orders which are in Processing, On-Hold as well as in Completed (as per your requirement).

So, the orders will be counted based on the order statuses you have selected and discount will be applied.

To create a product discount based on the number of orders more than 10, get a Product A (Cap) also with a condition if the minimum quantity in the cart is 5 and above.
Minimum -  Maximum = 5-10. This rules checks both the purchase history as well as the products which are in the cart.

You can also limit the percentage of the Free quantity here it is 100%, you can also provide a 50% off.

Similarly, using Number of order, you can set multiple discount rules.

Purchased Product - number of previous order made with following products :

If a customer purchases a product regularly in the store, it will encourage him to purchase more when he is given a discount based on it.
You can associate any Price discount rule with this Purchased product condition.

  • Get discount in the same product that he has purchased before.
  • Get discount in another product B when product A has been purchased for 5 or more time before.

Get discount in the same product that he has purchased before:

The above will check for a specific category as well as the purchased product (Cap) 5 or more times, with respect to order statuses in Pending payment, Processing and completed as well (Choose the Order status as per you requirement).
When the specified category has 1 - 5 quantities, provide a 50% discount in the same products that gives in the category.

Get discount in another product B when product A has been purchased for 5 or more time before:
You can select the product you want the discount in the Discount tab.


How you can provide discounts in the Cart based rule:

you can have all the three options in the cart based rules where you can give a discount of a price or percentage in the cart. It is also possible to have a free shipping as a discount scenario when it comes to cart discount.

In  cart discount rules, you can combine conditions, which works as an AND operation.
For more Cart Discount Conditions.

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