A great way to up-sell when customers are purchasing a high value product. For example, if a customer signs up for your annual membership product, you may want to offer a discount for whatever he purchases in the store.

NOTE: The discount applies to all products in the store except Product A (the high value product)

You will need the WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO for this discount to work.

There are two ways of achieving this discount scenario with WooCommerce Discount Rules.

1. Using the Quantity based BOGO discount method - Good for stores with large number of products.

2. Using Dependent product discount - Suitable for stores with fewer products

Let us explore both the methods in detail

Method 1:
Using Quantity based BOGO discount method

Before getting into an example, you need to fulfil a requirement.

  • Make sure the Product A belongs to a separate category. Example, you can create an "Offer for Sale" category and make Product A a part of it. (So that it could be excluded from the discount) 

Let us say, when product "Cap" is purchased, customer gets 20% discount on everything else he purchases (except Cap)

Edit the Cap product and assign it the "Offer for Sale" category (of course, you are free to name your category!)

Let us create the discount rules configuration.

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price rules
Add a new rule:

General tab:

Choose the Quantity based BOGO Deals method

Conditions tab:

Choose the Apply To as "Specific Products" and add the "Cap" product

Discount Tab

Notice that i chose the Adjustment type as "Product discount"
And it Applies To "Cheapest in cart - selected categories"

Make sure you select All the categories in your store EXCEPT the "Offer for Sale" category (so that Product A is excluded from the discount)

Also notice that i have chosen the Dynamic count as 999, which means the 20% discount will apply to all products (any number of quantities) except "Cap"

So how does the discount look like in the cart ?

Here you go....

Notice that the discount is applied to all products in the cart except "Cap"

Method 2:
If your store contains limited products or when you want to provide discount for fewer products when a specific product is purchased. Let's say your store has 5 products totally.

So in Conditions tab, you set the Product A and rest of the products which gets the discount when purchased A in the discount tab.

So in discount tab, set minimum and maximum quantity (Provide the ranges) .
And then get discount in all the other products. (Selected products)

Provide the value of the percentage(Limited percentage) discount in the Discount tab:

Similarly, you can have discounts when purchased one product A and get discount in a Product/Products.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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