You can even change the background color of the whole emails.

1.) To change the Email Background colour:

Woo Email Customizer -> Choose any email template.

Click on the setting Icon on the left bar, you can able to see the backgroung color change color picker in the right side of the template. You can pick the color as per your requirement and click on the Save button to save the changes.

You can change the color a per you requirement. It is as simple as that to just to change the background color as per your requirement.

2.) How to add background images rather than a color in email templates ?

You can do it via Custom CSS. You need to use the class .email_builder,.email-container {}

3.) How to change the colour of the text block:

You can even change the background color of the elements of the blocks.
Click on the block that you need to change the color for, and then you can see the color picker at the right.

You can change the color of each blocks as per your requirement.

This will let you to customize your email template even more Unique.

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