Let us See what is a Sale tag and how to enable it with our Discount Rules Plugin.

What is a Sale Tag ?

Simply put, WooCommerce shows a Sale badge (a.k.a, Sale tag), when your product has both  

  • Regular Price 
  • Sale Price

In the above image, 

  • Regular Price is $10
  • Sale Price is $5

As you can see, the Sale price is lower than the Regular price. So WooCommerce treats this product as on SALE!.  It shows a SALE badge on top of the product image.

Default Behaviour

By default, WooCommerce only shows a TEXT.... i.e., SALE! 

How to enable Sale Badge in WooCommerce Discount Rules 

Please go  WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Price rules --> Sale badge tab. 

You can enable sale badge based on two options :
Select your desired option and click on Save.
The two options are :

Show only after a rule condition is matched exactly :

The sale badge will be enabled only when the condition matches.
Let's see it with an example :
You have created a discount rule for Buy 5 or more cap, get 10% off.
Now, the sale badge will be displayed only when the cart contains 4+ quantities.

Show on products that are covered under any price based discount rule :

The sale badge will be displayed irrespective of the condition being matched or not.
Let's see with the same example :
You have created a discount rule for Buy 5 or more cap, get 10% off.
Now, the sale badge will be displayed rightaway even if there are no products in cart.

Customize Sale Tag/Badge

Since Woo Discount Rules version 1.7.7,  you have the option to customize the "text" on the SALE! Badge.

The default style supported by WooCommerce is

<span class="onsale">Sale!</span>

You are however free to change the text  


<span class="onsale">OFFER!</span>

or even add a HTML snippet for more advanced customizsation.

IMPORTANT!: Change/customize the HTML elements only you know what you are doing.

My storefront used to have the discount shown on the Sale badge. Why I could not do that now?

The Sale Badge is usually a static text. WooCommerce by default only displays a static text: Sale!
However, some theme authors customize this text within their themes to show a discount percentage or amount.

This is achieved by them through the following calculation

Regular Price - Sale Price = Discount Amount (or a percentage)

However, when using a dynamic pricing plugin like Woo Discount Rules, the discount is based on the rules.

An Example Scenario:

Buy 5 or more products, get 5% off.

In this case, the 5% discount is eligible ONLY when a customer adds 5 quantities to cart.

But if we show a Sale Badge with 5% discount on it, customer will MISUNDERSTAND and will look forward to get 5% discount even when he purchases 1 quantity. But that is not the condition.
If you tell your customer you are NOT eligible for discount for 1 quantity, you will disappoint your customer and lose the sale :-(

That is the reason why we do not display a discount percentage or amount inside the Sale badge. Our plugin will just show the default Sale badge text (Sale!).

Does your theme also have an override ? Do you wish to force override the label ?
This can be done from our settings page :

Here is a Video Tutorial :

Quick Links:

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