1. What happens when cycle is complete?
  • If the subscription is for 8 months and you have selected the subscription length for 6 months, at the end of 6th month, the subscription will be expired and you will return to the normal billing cycle.

2. Is there an option to notify via e-mails ?

  • When subscription period is nearing expiry, an email will be sent to administrator  indicating that the subscription is going to expire.

3. For upfront payment, will an invoice be generated for every month ?

  • If you have opted for an upfront payment for 6 months, you will not be charged every month. The plugin does an invoice generation every month but with "zero" amount. 
  • This is just for the record. Customer is NOT charged every month. 
  • Once your subscription expires, you will be returned to the normal billing cycle.

4. Does upfront payment support for subscription products that has a free trial ?

  • No. Upfront payment is not supported for the subscription which has trial periods.

5. I don't want customers to receive monthly subscription e-mails ?

  • You can always disable the e-mail notification from Woocommerce --> Settings --> Emails. 
  • There you can disable processing renewal order and completed renewal order.

6. I see this in plugin page, Is this normal ?

  • This is not an error but just a warning message which is normal. This message indicates that,
    "Do not delete or deactivate the plugin if you have prepaid subscriptions running on your store. If you do so, the users who have subscribed for prepaid subscriptions will go back to the normal subscription term with immediate effect."

7. What happens if we deactivate the plugin ?

In the deactivated time period, if there were any renewals occurring those changes cannot be changed when you activate the plugin again. Plugin will not be able to  override the renewal costs again.
This is the reason why we recommend not to deactivate the plugin when you have prepaid subscriptions running :) 

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