Here let's see a scenario where I have a subscription product which never expires.

And, the upfront payment for 3 months. 

Since I have set as allow Upfront payment only, payment for 3 months and shipping cost for 3 months is collected.

This is a sample screenshot of the invoice page where you can see the total amount is $0 for 3 months.

Now, what happens at the end of 3rd month ??

Upfront payment expires at the end of 3 months and from the 4th month the payment will be returned to the normal monthly billing cycle.
Woocommerce Subscription handles the rest of the payment until the the product expires.


  • Since the upfront payment is set for 3 months, in the time period of these 3 months an invoice will be generated with "zero" order value. Customer will not be charged for 3 months. This is just for record.
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