Sales Countdown helps to set up the Sale Frame all-over your site to denote the sales on your site, including the timer of the discount period, sales and more...

Before it was like to go to single product page and set up sales on each product. This was a time-consuming process.
On top of it, If sale needed to extend or removed, one would have to visit single product and change settings.

This WooCommerce plugin goes much bulk pricing sales and allows you to set up:

  1. Bulk Scheduled Sales 
  2. Recurring Sales 
  3. Stock Clearance Sales 
  4. Presales Offer
  5. Seasonal Offer 

This plugin goes way beyond sales and lets you deploy:

  1. Schedule Product Availability
  2. Special Discounts to specific user role
  3. Manage products visibility during business hours

And so much more….

We are confident that your store would reap in full benefits once you get familiar with the interface and configure Sales Cowndown.

This section will guide you through installation, activation and provide the overview of settings.


2. Go to WordPress Dashboard ->Plugins -> Add New
3. Select ‘Upload Plugins’
4. ‘Choose File’ to select the downloaded file in Step 1
5. Install Now
6. Activate the Plugin

Activate License

How to Activate License? 

  1. Go to Your XL Plugin Account

Go to your site’s WordPress admin dashboard.Navigate to XLPlugins > Licenses page.
6.Enter Your License Key.
7.Activate License.

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