Are you receiving unstyled email ?
Are html tags also visible in the mails ?

Then, have a quick check here. 

First Check:

  • Navigate to Woocommerce --> Settings --> Emails

  • In the content type section, you can see the email type for each of the templates. 

  • Click on the necessary e-mail template and change the email type to HTML. 


  • Always make sure that all the email templates that you design through our plugin has HTML as the content type. Because majority of the email customisations will be accepted only when the content type is HTML.  

If your Email type is HTML and still you receive the emails embedded with HTML tags then follow the below step.

Insert the below code snippet in your site theme folders functions.php file:

if(!function_exists('woo_email_customizer_auto_fix_empty_tags_method')){      function woo_email_customizer_auto_fix_empty_tags_method($auto_fix_empty_tags){          return true;      }  }  add_filter('woo_email_customizer_auto_fix_empty_tags', 'woo_email_customizer_auto_fix_empty_tags_method', 10);

Or you can also add the code snippet using code snippets plugin to do it in an easier way.

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