Manage your inventory and show counter bar on product pages using this feature:

This inventory setting can be turn on when you :

  • Want to show counter bar to trigger scarcity
  • Want to run stock clearances sale
  • Have fixed units to be sold during the campaign

Let see the settings overview and it would be displayed:

  1. Enable the Inventory option to see all the other settings associated with it.
  2.  You can choose Existing Stock quantity -This will pick up stock quantity of individual product and applicable when Manage Stock in product is ON. or Custom stock quantity - (to set a limit for the sale).
  3. When you wanted to customise the stock quantity as per your requirement you set the quantities basic quantity or a predefined range of the products.
  4. Set campaign on products which are on Out of stock ( preferred settings: No)
  5. End campaign when sold unit set above-defined limit.

If you have turned on inventory settings, our plugin calculates the number of units sold during the campaign. These sold units are used to show Counter Bar.

You can control the display with two different options:

Show units sold during the entire length of the campaign ( including multiple recurrences in the case of recurring campaigns) OR it shows units sold during the latest recurrence.

We understand that this may be tricky option to grasp but carefully read the instructions below link to understand how each of these options plays up for Recurring & One Time Campaigns. Click here.

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