When coupons are enabled, you can activate time limited coupons.
Step 1:

  • Create a coupon using woocommerce.  
  • Create coupons with desired percentage amount and specify the minimum spent in usage restriction. 

Step 2: 

  • Now, in our campaign settings, navigate to coupons and choose the coupon from the drop down menu.
  • You can allow users to either use these automatically or manually. 
  • When Automatically is selected , coupons are auto applied when products are added to cart. 

This is the screenshot of the cart page, when the coupon has reached the minimum amount, the message given in "coupon success message" will be displayed.

  • When Manually is selected coupons are left for user to apply. You need to give the coupon code to the users and users will apply that coupon code and avail discount. 
  • Only when they enter the coupon code, the discount and the display information will be available.

Few crisps:

In expire coupons: if yes is chosen, the coupon expires while the campaign ends.
Hide Coupon Errors
. Sometimes you may have coupons with usage restrictions . Say you have coupon that applies only after minimum purchase is $50. And a user may add to cart a product which is $25. Applying coupon automatically in this case will reveal errors. This option is used to hide those coupon errors. If you are not sure keep it to Yes.

You can also customise where you want to display the messages.

What's next ?
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