Most of the store owners want this "automagic"!  

Let me walk you through the scenarios where this is possible and where it is not.

Before getting into a BOGO deal, we need to understand that this is a system that works based on logic. Unlike a human mind, the system is based on a rule set.

In a physical store, the salesman can decide to provide a Purple Shirt, instead of a Blue Cap (though Purple Shirt is not the cheapest product )

When it is possible to add free product to cart automatically ?

 The free product is pre-defined. In other words, the system is pre-informed what would be the free product.

Example scenarios

  1. Buy Product A and get Product B free
  2. Buy any product from Category A, get Product B free
  3. Buy 1 Product A, get 1 Product B free. buy 2 Product A, get 2 Product B free and so on

Here the free product (Product B ) is pre-defined.  

NOTE: You need to use the "Auto add all selected products" condition. Only then, the system can add the pre-selected product to cart.

If you are looking to provide BOGO offer for a few products, you can set one rule for each product.

Scenarios where it is NOT POSSIBLE to add free product automatically

There were a number of scenarios where it is not possible to automatically add the free product to cart automatically.

Let us look at them one by one

1. Buy 1 Product A and get 1 Product A (same product) free - repeat

Customer gets one product free for every one product he purchases. As a result, attempting to add a free product to cart will result in an endless loop.

Example:  (Let's imagine we add the free product automagically )

  • Customer adds 1 quantity of Product A to cart. 
  • System automatically adds 1 free quantity
  • Now, the total quantity of Product A in the cart = 2
  • According to the rule, it is Buy 1, get 1. 
  • Cart has 2 quantity of Product A. Logically, the system should add 2 more. (That is the rule. You might question, why. Because, you want the system to automatically add the free quantity)
  • Now system adds 2 more to cart. Now it has 4 quantities
  • So, 4 more should be free. So it adds 4 more. 
  • Now the cart has 8. Another 8 should go free.

This will keep going on.
So in discount scenarios where the customer gets the "Same product", it is not possible to automatically add the free product to cart.

2. Buy any product from Category A and get cheapest product in the cart  

The scenario itself gives you the clue - cheapest.

So the system, by default, does not know what would be the cheapest product in the cart, until customer adds products to cart.

In order for the system to find the cheapest product, the customer should first add the products to cart. Then the system can determine which product is cheapest and then set it as free.

Here is a Video on Auto Adding Product B when Product A is added to Cart:

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