Are you trying to offer an automatic discount based on the basket subtotal. Use this module for store-wide sales and high purchase discounts.

Let us see, few scenario's based on the subtotal based product discounts.

Discount rules -> Cart Discount Rules -> Add New Rule.

Example 1:  If the subtotal is $300 - $500 then product X is given as free.
In the condition tab, add the subtotal amount and in the discount tab, set the adjustment type to product discount.

Cart Discount Rules:

General Tab:

Condition tab:

Discount Tab:

In Discount tab, choose Product Discount (Free) and specify the product which has to be added as Free in the cart and the quantity.

Here in this discount, 1 quantity of cap goes for free when the cart reaches $300 until it reaches $500.

You can also create a Tiered product discount by creating multiple rules, that is a different product as free when the cart has above $500.

Like for example:

When cart subtotal is 300$ - $500 = Product A 1 quantity Free

When the subtotal is above $500, that is $501 - $600 = Product B free (1 quantity).

When subtotal is above 601 - 1000$ = Get both Product A and Product B as free.

You will have to create 3 different discount rule to achive this at stack.

Note: These, free products will be automatically added to the cart. If you want the users to choose the Free product like any one from Product A or Product B , then you will have to consider Price rules 

Example 2:

If the subtotal reaches $300 then get 2 of Product A and 2 of product B in cart:

The Free quantity that you provide will take effect with all the products specified in the product selection.

So, when the cart reaches 300$ then it automatically adds 2 quantities of Belt and 2 quantities of cap in the cart.

If you are trying to provide a price / or a percentage discounts in the cart, then follow this guide -> Subtotal based cart discount.

Here is a Video Tutorial for Setting up the rule:

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