If you are using WooCommerce Product Bundles , you will need to add the following code snippet so that the bundled product prices are not getting conflicted with other product prices.

You can provide discount based on any one of the following:

  1. Discount on the bundled product 
  2. Discount in the individual products

Discount on the bundled product 

Click the below button to see the snippet

Discount in the individual products

Do you want the discount to be applied only on the individual products and not on the whole bundled product ?

Add this below mentioned code snippet

You need to add any one of the code snippet based on your discount requirement.
Do not try to add both the snippets.

How to Add the Code Snippet:

Method 1: Easier (Recommended)

Using our compatibility plugin. (It's a useful plugin)

Method 2: 

Using the Code Snippet plugin.


  • You need to follow any one of the above methods (DO NOT follow Method 2 if you already followed Method 1)

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