There are 3 sections here:

  • Enable/hide discount table
  • Customise discount table 
  • Showing discounted price

What is discount table ?
 Discount table will show the available discounts of that product in a table view.

How to enable discount table ?
Go to Woo Discount Rules -> Settings --> Price rules.

Navigate to Offer table tab and set the discount table to "Default Layout".

If you wish to hide the discount table, juts set it to "Disabled".
 Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Price Rules -> Offer table-> Disabled.

What if i just want to hide the "Range" and "Discount columns" alone ?

In the same settings page, you have switches to turn off the "range" and the "discount" columns alone.

How to customise the discount table ?

 You may want to change or translate or customize the look and feel of the discount table that shows up on the product pages. 

This can be done by creating a simple override at your theme level

NOTE: You will have to use an FTP client or the File Manager in your cPanel to carry out this change.




Edit /wp-content/themes/<YOUR_THEME_FOLDER>/woo-discount-rules/discount-table.php

You can change the HTML and the PHP code (not a lot of it) there and customize the display.

Want to show Discounted price display in Discount table ?

  • Create an override file
  • Insert the code snippet in the overridden file.

Creating override file:
This is nothing but just customising the discount table.
Simply follow the steps given to customise the discount table.

Inserting the code snippet:
Click the button to see the Code:

Here is the screenshot of how the discount table looks before applying the Code above in the override file:

Here is the screenshot of the discount table after applying the Code above in the override file:

Video on how to display discount table:

What's next ?

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