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When you have multiple rules set up, this priority set up will come into action.

Let us see, how it works on different settings:

Woo Discount Rules -> Settings -> Price Rules -> Apply to.

We have three types of apply to options:
The priority really matters when you have "Apply Biggest discount" or "Apply first matched rule"  

Ideally, First Matched rules will consider the order of the priority that has set to each rule.
Order number 1 will have the highest priority then it goes ascending 2, 3, 4 and so on.

Our discount rules plugin first looks for matching rules (those rules that match the conditions when a customer shop that is adding to the cart) 

Example: You have 2 discount rules for the same products:
 Rule 1 : 10% discount in a category A subtotal is over $200... This matches only when the customer has cart with $200
Rule 2 : 15% discount if 5 quantity of products on a selected category A are purchased.

  • Apply first matched rule: The priority works here. So if the Priority 2 rule matches first, it takes the Rule 2 and provide 15% discount in cart but not the first one.
  • Apply all matched rules : No priority is checked, both the discounts will be applied accordingly.
  • Apply biggest discount: Priority is rarely used. (Example: It finds a biggest discount offered by a rule. If rules offer the highest but same amount, it applies the priority)

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