Does your store uses multi-currency prices?

Woo Discount Rules has compatibility with the following Currency Switcher plugins:

 1)  Woocommerce Currency Switcher plugin by realmag777

 2)  Multi Currency for WooCommerce - By Villatheme

3) Currency Switcher for WooCommerce- By Wp Wham

Compatibility for Currency Switcher for WooCommerce- By Wp Wham is added inside our discount rules plugin. So NO additional snippets/plugin is needed.

How to add compatibility for other two plugins ?

Method 1: Easier (Recommended)

  • Install and enable our  compatibility plugin
  • In the plugin settings, you will list the list of Compatibility options available
  • Check the box and save

Method 2:  Manual by adding Code Snippet

1.) Code Snippet for  Woocommerce Currency Switcher plugin by realmag777:

2.) For Multi Currency for WooCommerce by Villatheme:

How to Add the Code Snippet:

Please use the Code Snippet plugin.


  • You need to follow any one of the above methods (DO NOT follow Method 2 if you already followed Method 1).

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