Bulk purchase discounts are a very common discount scenario in most online stores.

A typical scenario is:

  • Buy 6 quantity of any products in the store, get 5% discount
  • Buy 12 quantity, get 10% discount
  • Buy 18 quantity, get 15% discount

A scenario that is specific to category

  • Buy any 6 quantity from Category A, get 10% discount; Buy any 12 quantity from Category A, then get 20% discount   - Essentially a category specific discount

 Another scenario specific to a Product:

  • Buy 6 quantity of Product A, get 10%; Buy 12 quantity of Product A, get 20%

So the bulk quantity discount can be made for

  • All products in store
  • Specific Categories
  • Specific Products - Simple Product type
  • Specific Products - Variable Product Type (configuration changes slightly here)

All these three scenarios can be handled through Woo Discount Rules.

NOTE: This guide only deals with "Percentage Discounts"
If you are looking for
fixed cost based discount, please check this guide

Let's take a look one scenario after another

Store wide bulk discount 

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price based rules

Click Add New

General Tab

Choose the "Quantity based method" 

You can enter any value under the Rule Name and Rule Description.

Conditions tab

Since this is a store-wide discount, i choose the "All products" condition.

IMPORTANT: Check the box to count cumulatively. This will ensure that the cart quantities are totaled instead of individual line items

Discount Tab

Create the discount tiers.
TIP: When you provide tiered discount, always use the adjustment type as:  "percentage discount."

NOTE: I have configured only three tiers. You can configure unlimited tiers depending on your requirement.

Bulk discount for Specific Categories

Sometimes, you may want to provide discount only for specific categories. 

While rest of the settings remain the same, the only change will be in the conditions tab.

Instead of All Products, set the rule to apply for "Specific Categories" only

You can select one or more categories. 

NOTE: Make sure you check the box to count cumulatively across categories.   

Bulk Discount for Selected Product  - Simple Product Type

On a few occasions, you may want to offer a bulk purchase discount only for one or two products in the store.

In this case, the condition tab changes slightly.

Set the Apply To :  Specific Products

In the above case, the bulk discount tiers will appear only for specific product - Nikon Camera.

Bulk Discount for Specific Product - A Variable Product Type

Read the tutorial carefully as chances are that you might miss a step!


Let us say, you are selling a T-Shirt.

It has the following variants:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Discount scenario is:

Buy  6 quantities of T-Shirt, get 5% discount
Buy 12 quantities of T-Shirt, get 10% discount

So far so good.

But here is how WooCommerce treats a variable product 

Each variant is considered a separate product and stored as a separate record (though all comes in one page).

T-Shirt - Red  = A separate product
T-Shirt - Blue = another separate product (though it still a T-Shirt)
T-Shirt - Yellow = Yet another product.

So there are 3 sub-products inside a product. 

Let's re-define your discount scenario:

  • Buy  6 quantities of any variants of T-Shirt, get 5%
  • Buy 12 quantities of any variants of T-Shirt, get 10% 

When you create a bulk discount rule for a variable product, make sure you choose All the variants in the conditions.

Your condition tab should look like this:

In the above screenshot, i choose all the variants of the Shoes product and ticked off the Checkbox to count across.

Now, if a customer purchases

  • 3 quantities of Shoe - Small, Red and 3 quantities of Shoe - Medium, Blue, it will be counted together as 6 quantities. And this will apply the 5% discount

Here is a Video Tutorial :

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