Conditional discounts help you sell more as the customer gets the discount only when he adds all the required products to cart.

Here are some common scenarios

Note: You will need the WooCommerce Discount Rules PRO version to configure this discount

Let's create a sample rule configuration for "Buy at least 1 quantity of Product A, B and C and get discount of 10%"

  • The discount here applies when the customer purchases at least 1 quantity
  • The 10% applies to A, B and C

Go to WooCommerce -> Woo Discount Rules -> Price Based Discount Rules tab

Click "Add Rule" button

General Tab

Important: Choose the method: "Dependent / conditional based discount"  


The customer has to buy at least 1 quantity each.
Choose the "Each" option

Choose all three products (or any other number of products or variants you wanted) 

And choose the same three products in the "get products section" because those were the ones that get the discount

Discount Tab

This is fairly simple. You can set a percentage or a fixed cost discount.

Here is a screenshot of the cart page when "all three products" are added to cart.

However, if the customer adds only 2 of the 3 products, he will NOT receive the discount

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