There are two sections here :

  • Discount based on Tags
  • Discount based on Brands

For both the type of discount, all you need to do is a single click (enable) the relevant option from the Taxonomy Tab.
Navigate to Woocommerce --> Woo discount rules --> Taxonomy Tab.

Discount based on Tags :
Do you wish to provide discount based on tags ?

  • This can be done in a single click. 
  • Enable (Click) on the Product Tag option. 
  • The tags will be loaded as categories in the rule setup(condition tab).
  • You can now create a discount for product tags using the specific category option.

Discount based on Brands :

  • Does your Woocommerce Store has products under specific Brands ?
  • If you have created the Brands in woocommerce and wish to provide discount on those Specific Brands alone, you can enable the brands from the taxonomy tab. 
  • Now the brands will also be loaded as categories in the condition tab. 
  • The brands option will be visible only if the brand plugin is activated. 

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