This feature is available with the PRO version of our plugin.

This type of discounts can be used on company emails when trying to provide discounts to their own employees or staffs.

Let us see, how to provide a cart based discounts for the Specific Email domains or Email tld alone.

Example rule set for the same:

Create Cart rule:

General tab:

Condition tab:

If you are trying to add more email domains, you can separate each domain with a comma "," so that you can add many domains for providing discounts.

Discount Tab:

You can choose it as per your discount scenario -> A Fixed Price discount or percentage or a Free product or Free shipping

In this example, we are using percentage discount.

Email domain based discount will be automatically displayed in cart when the User is logged in. Or, the discount will be shown in the checkout when the user enters the email address with the domain.

Checkout page with discount applied:

Other options:

If you want the discounts to be applied to specific tld's:

Use email with TLD option in the conditions tab.

Similarly, you can use cart based rules on different conditions.

Here is a Video Tutorial :

Quick Links:

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