Sometimes you may want to export the email templates.  For instance, you might have designed the email template in your staging site and wanted to just copy these templates to your production site.

On other occasions, you might just want to take a backup of your email templates just for safe keeping of your email design.

This guide will walk you through the process of exporting and backing up the email templates.

Both the export and import options can be done in a single click.

You can find the Import/Export Tab from the Settings option.

Go to Woocommerce Email Customizer -> Settings

Export or Backup :

  • Click on Import/Export Tab from the Settings option :

When the export all templates is clicked, the templates that you have designed will be saved as .json file. 

That is all!! You have now exported all your email templates :-) 

Import Templates :
Choose the file and click on the import option rightaway! 

So simple, isn't!!

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